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Performance in High Gear

Starts at $6.78/mo

Perfect for busy websites and advanced applications, the Turbo Plan offers unparalleled performance and speed to manage intricate features and large user bases. With the ability to host 10 websites, 25GB storage, unlimited traffic, and email accounts, this plan also includes premium features such as Enhanced Security Suite, limitless resources for developers, and Git Version Control.

Supercharge your site with enhanced performance, increased storage, and top-notch security for demanding websites.


Unbeatable Value

Harness the power of premium cloud hosting without breaking the bank. 1WebPanda delivers unmatched performance, scalability, and features at an exceptional value.

Effortless Management

Take complete control with our intuitive hosting platform and beginner-friendly tools. Build, configure and optimize your cloud hosting environment without coding expertise.

Hardened WordPress Security

Safeguard your reputation with 1WebPanda's robust security suite including free SSL, malware scanning, DDoS protection and more - ensuring your online assets remain impenetrable.

Relentless Reliability

Rest assured your website is always up and running with 1WebPanda's 24/7 monitoring, redundant infrastructure and automatic failover capabilities for supreme uptime.

Our Cloud Web Hosting Plans

Flawless plans that cater to everyone's needs

Starter WP

Designed for beginners who need to get fast online


(61% OFF)

1 Website
3GB Web Space
200GB Web Traffic
5 Email Accounts
3GB Per Email Account
Nightly / Weekly Backups
Enhanced Security Suite
1 FTP Account
1 MySQL Database
100 Emails Per Hour
Parked Domains
Git Version Control
SSH Access & Terminal
Use code ABC456YZ at checkout
Buy Starter WP
* For new customers who sign up annually. Renews at regular price of $8.95.

Growth WP

Tailored for startups and small businesses


(61% OFF)

3 Websites
10GB Web Space
500GB Web Traffic
15 Email Accounts
3GB Per Email Account
Nightly / Weekly Backups
Enhanced Security Suite
3 FTP Accounts
3 MySQL Databases
300 Emails Per Hour
3 Subdomains
3 Parked Domains
Git Version Control
SSH Access & Terminal
Use code ABC456YZ at checkout
Buy Growth WP
* For new customers who sign up annually. Renews at regular price of $12.95.

Business WP

Tailored for e-commerce and high-traffic websites


(64% OFF)

Unlimited Websites
40GB Web Space
Unlimited Web Traffic
Unlimited Email Accounts
5GB Per Email Account
Nightly / Weekly Backups
Enhanced Security Suite
Unlimited FTP Account
Unlimited MySQL Database
Unlimited Emails Per Hour
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited Parked Domains
Git Version Control
SSH Access & Terminal
Use code ABC456YZ at checkout
Buy Business WP
* For new customers who sign up annually. Renews at regular price of $29.95.

Hosting becomes even more enjoyable with these FREE features.

Lightening Web Speeds

Accelerate your online momentum with blistering fast web performance from 1WebPanda. Our NVMe SSD storage and optimized stack deliver speeds up to 20X faster than traditional hosting providers.

Risk-Free 30 Days

Get started with 1WebPanda risk-free, thanks to our hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee. We're confident you'll be delighted, but your satisfaction is our priority.

Dedicated Support Team

Providing exceptional support is our top priority. We're committed to rapid response times and resolving any issues promptly, so you can run your online presence with confidence.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Join 1WebPanda with full confidence, backed by our ironclad satisfaction guarantee. If you're ever unsatisfied, simply let us know - your delight is our mission.

Webmail Made Easy

Stay seamlessly connected to your business communications from anywhere with 1WebPanda's webmail access. Manage emails effortlessly on-the-go without disruptions.

One-Click App Installs

Leverage the power of Softaculous Apps Installer to effortlessly set up hundreds of apps and scripts with just one click. Streamlined convenience for your hosting needs.

Multi-PHP Performance

Optimize your site's compatibility and speed by choosing from multiple PHP versions supported by 1WebPanda's flexible hosting environment.

Strong Website Security

Safeguard your online assets with 1WebPanda's comprehensive security suite - free SSL certificates, robust malware scanning, DDoS attack prevention, and more.

What makes 1WebPanda the best choice?

Unmatched Performance

With our cutting-edge cloud architecture, your website runs on a dedicated partition with allocated resources, ensuring blazing-fast load times and seamless performance without shared resource constraints.

Robust Security

Your online assets are safeguarded by our multi-layered security measures, including network monitoring, DDoS protection, and proactive malware scanning – so you can host with complete peace of mind.

Uncompromising Reliability

Experience unparalleled uptime and consistency with 1WebPanda's cloud redundancy and automatic failover capabilities, keeping your website running smoothly 24/7, without interruptions.

Global Availability

Our geographically distributed cloud network with data centers across multiple regions enables lightning-fast content delivery and low latency for your global audience, no matter where they're accessing your site from.

Developer-Friendly Ecosystem

Take full control of your hosting environment with 1WebPanda's developer tools like SSH access, Git integration, and programming language support, empowering you to seamlessly deploy and manage applications.

Optimized for Popular Apps

Our pre-configured cloud hosting is optimized for popular apps and CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and more, allowing you to quickly launch powerful applications tailored for performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud web hosting utilizes a network of virtualized servers to provide highly scalable, reliable, and redundant hosting services. Instead of relying on a single server, your website is hosted across multiple interconnected servers, ensuring high uptime and seamless scalability.

Unlike traditional shared hosting where multiple websites share resources on a single server, cloud hosting provisions your site on a dedicated partition with allocated resources. This isolated environment prevents resource hogging and ensures consistent performance, even during traffic spikes.

With 1WebPanda Cloud Hosting, you benefit from unmatched performance, robust security measures, uncompromising reliability, instant scalability, global content delivery, and a developer-friendly ecosystem — all at an exceptional value.

Absolutely! Our SuperPandas provide complimentary site migration services, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition of your existing website to our high-performance cloud hosting environment.

Our cloud hosting plans are designed with built-in scalability. If your website experiences growth, you can seamlessly upgrade to a higher tier or get in touch with us to explore VPS options, giving you access to increased resources such as CPU and RAM.

Your online assets are safeguarded by our hardened security stack including free SSL certificates, network firewalls, DDoS protection, automated patching, proactive malware scanning, and more.

Yes, we offer ‘Jailshelled’ SSH access for Turbo and Business accounts. To activate this feature, just submit a support ticket and our SuperPandas support team will guide you through the process.

Shared cloud web hosting provides a flexible environment to host various websites, applications, and services with access to cPanel for one-click installs. Shared WordPress hosting, on the other hand, is a specialized solution optimized specifically for WordPress websites. It offers features like LiteSpeed web servers, WordPress-caching, and hardened security tailored for superior WordPress performance and security. While WordPress hosting is a subset of cloud hosting focused solely on WordPress, cloud web hosting caters to broader hosting needs beyond just WordPress. With WordPress powering around 43% of websites, shared WordPress hosting from 1WebPanda ensures an exceptional experience for WordPress-centric sites.

One-click app install refers to the ability to quickly deploy web applications and scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. onto your hosting account with just a single click. 1WebPanda provides the Softaculous app installer via cPanel, allowing you to seamlessly set up dozens of popular apps on your site.

cPanel is a web-based control panel that provides a graphical user interface to manage various aspects of your web hosting account. With cPanel, you can easily handle website files, create email accounts, install apps, configure databases and more without needing advanced technical skills.

A website builder is an intuitive tool that allows you to create professional websites through a drag-and-drop interface, without needing to code. 1WebPanda includes the SiteJet website builder free with cPanel, empowering you to build your online presence visually.

LiteSpeed is a high-performance web server that delivers superior speed and scalability compared to traditional web servers like Apache. 1WebPanda’s cloud hosting optimizes WordPress and other web apps to run on LiteSpeed servers, ensuring blazing-fast load times.

MySQL and MariaDB are open-source database management systems commonly used to store and manage data for websites and web applications. 1WebPanda’s hosting supports both, allowing you to efficiently store and retrieve data powering your online presence.

1WebPanda’s cloud servers are housed in two state-of-the-art, redundant data center facilities located in Lansing, Michigan and Lenexa, Kansas within the United States. This strategic placement ensures low latency and high availability.

Two of 1WebPanda’s premium hosting plans (Turbo and Business) come with unmetered or unlimited traffic/bandwidth. This means you don’t have to worry about excessive fees for visitor traffic spikes on your high-traffic website.

No, 1WebPanda does not allow any adult, pornographic or explicit content to be hosted on our servers. We maintain a strict family-friendly policy across all our hosting services.

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